Efforts To Market Scilly Online Paying Off

simply scilly website 2013The extra effort and money spent on improving Scilly’s online presence is paying off.

Hits to the Simply Scilly website are up an average of 27% on last year’s figures and Julian Pearce from the Economic Development Department says people are also staying on the site longer.

Julian puts it down to the revamp that the site underwent during the winter and the addition of new video content.

And he says sites that link to Simply Scilly, like Tresco’s, are also seeing more traffic, suggesting that people are using Simply Scilly as a portal to access more information about the islands.

Julian says many different organisations in Scilly are increasing their use of online media, and it’s resulting in real prominence for Scilly on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

And he said it reflects a conscious effort by the TIC to use more digital marketing techniques.

It’s too early to know whether that’s translating into extra bookings. Julian says there’s been a trend here and on the mainland for people to spend the first part of the year deciding where to go, then booking later as deals start to appear.