Programme for Scilly Antarctic Event

A series of talks and drama to mark 100 years since Scott’s vessel Terra Nova came to Scilly is being held this month. The Scilly Lottery is a proud sponsor. The venues include the Methodist Hall, Chapel and Museum.

Monday 10th June 2013:
13.00 Welcome Lunch
15.30 The ‘Terra Nova Expedition’ by Dr David MWilson
20.15 A Production of‘A Fatherfor my Son’ with Jenny Coverack
as Kathleen Scott

Tuesday 11th June 2013:

10.30 ‘Tryggve Gran – The Man in the Middle’ by his son Hermann Gran
11.45 ‘The Last Dog Team Expedition inAntarctica’ by John Killingbeck
14.30 ‘The Discovery &Terra Nova Expeditions through theArt of
EdwardWilson’ by Christopher JWilson
15.45 ‘Dr Livingstone to Captain Scott:The Royal Geographical Society
and theAge of the Explorer Hero 1856-1914’ by Dr Max Jones
20.15 A Production of‘These Rough Notes’ with DavidWilson,
ChrisWilson,AlastairWilson,Max Jones and Jenny Coverack
as Kathleen Scott

Wednesday 12th June 2013:
14.30 ‘Scott 100’ by Dr DavidWilson
15.45 Performance of‘All’sWell’ by JakeWilson -A cycle of songs in
honour of Captain Scott and the Polar Party,with information
about the writing of his songs and his recent performance in
the Cape Evans Hut.

If you want to attend the Terra Nova/ Antarctic Event Farewell Dinner on Wednesday 12th June , Mary Cleveland says you need to book direct. Contact Tregarthen’s Hotel. It starts at 8pm