Lobster Tagging In Scilly Extended To Crayfish

crayfish scilly
A project to tag lobsters in Scilly’s waters is being extended.

Last week, Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority staff from the islands and Cornwall used needles and labels to mark around 500 lobsters, so their movements can be logged when they are landed.

A further 2,000 could be marked as the scheme continues through the summer.

But plans have been announced to extend the study to crayfish. No major investigation into their movement has been undertaken since the 1960s and there’s a theory that they could travel hundreds of miles, unlike lobsters, which are territorial.

Sam Davis from the Cornwall IFCA says the experiment is exciting and the results of the work could provide information that’s of national significance on the way crayfish behave.

Divers have reported to IFCA officer Steve Watt that the shellfish almost appear to march across the seabed and there’s a belief that they migrate from Northern France, because French and Belgian trawlers can catch them mid-Channel.