Council Agrees New School Medicines Policy

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

The Council has agreed a new policy to support school pupils with medical needs.

The document, which was presented at last Thursday’s Children and Young People Committee, gives guidance to school staff on how to store and administer medicines to children on school premises.

It says staff members aren’t obliged to deal with medicines under their contract, and it’s entirely voluntary, although all teachers will have to understand the medical needs of any pupils in their class and what should happen in an emergency.

Staff won’t be able to give pupils non-prescribed medicines, like painkillers, unless there’s been permission from a parent.

And children with long-term conditions will need to have a care plan in place. This will give details of the child’s problem and how any treatment needs to be given.

Pupils should know where their medication is stored and who holds the key, while some emergency treatments, like asthma inhalers and epi-pens, should be readily available.

The policy says it’s good practice to allow pupils to manage their own medicine from an early age if they can be trusted to do so.

Beryl Read from Parent’s Forum said the policy was very good, but unfortunately necessary in this day and age, while performance manager Keith Grossett said it would allow teachers to handle medicines appropriately and with full parental consent.