Scilly’s Wreck Divers To Feature On BBC’s The One Show

The One Show's Iwan Thomas with Todd Stevens

The One Show’s Iwan Thomas with Todd Stevens

Scilly will feature on primetime TV on Wednesday.

A film crew from BBC’s The One Show has been on the islands to feature the underwater archaeology work of Todd Stevens and Robin Burrow.

They have been filming at the wreck site of a wooden ship that Todd calls “The Lizzie” in The Anchorage.

Todd has located a cannon there and spent the weekend with a dive crew who work with English Heritage.

Todd says the footage of the islands will be stunning but the below-water shots may not be so impressive because of the massive plankton and kelp blooms taking place at the moment.

Olympic medallist and record-breaking sprinter Iwan Thomas is the One Show presenter who filmed the report.

Iwan says he was fascinated to see what was being brought up from the wreck and felt privileged to handle artefacts that could be 500 years old.

And he says the film, which airs at 7pm on Wednesday, can’t help but look good with the blue sea and the sun shining, and should really sell the islands to millions of viewers

He’s been impressed by his first visit to the islands, which he described as friendly and beautiful, and says he’ll definitely be coming back.

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