Scilly’s Upgraded Gym To Encourage Disabled Islanders

The Queen Elizabeth II Sports Hall

The Queen Elizabeth II Sports Hall

The gym will be re-opening on Tuesday 4th June at 12pm.

For a temporary period, there’ll only be free weights and some cardio machines available, including the rowing machines, two cross trainers and the seated bike.

That’s because staff are waiting for the delivery of the new weights machines and treadmills.

Sports hall manager Tess Lloyd says the new equipment from a firm called Cybex is designed to allow people with limited mobility to work out. The gym will also become fully accredited to the Inclusive Fitness Initiative scheme.

There will be changes to the closing hours. Due to lack of numbers, the gym will no longer open until 10pm in summer. Closing times will be 8pm on Mondays, 9pm on Tuesdays, 8.30pm on Wednesdays, 8pm on Thursdays and 8.30pm on Fridays.

The gym will open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.