Quay Fuel Pump To Be Marked With A Flag

st marys quay from mermaidA local business has been granted permission to fly an advertising flag on St Mary’s quay. But councillors say it will need to be reviewed after 12 months.

Sibley’s Fuel and Marine Services want to erect a 4m high flagpole by their fuel pump on the quay. They’ll fly a vertical white banner with the words ‘FUEL’ on it, because they say visiting yachts find it hard to see the facility.

A flag, they argue, is the most practical and aesthetically pleasing solution and they’ll raise it when the fuel pump is open for business and lower it in the evenings.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden said the application was acceptable and didn’t need listed building consent, as it wasn’t directly attached to the Grade II listed structure.

He felt there would be no negative impact on the surrounding quay and it wouldn’t lead to a proliferation of advertising signs.

But Council Chair Amanda Martin said the introduction of metal flags to mark the quay steps had been contentious last year.

And Cllr Christine Savill said that while a lot of good work had gone on in the harbour, she didn’t want it to become cluttered.

The original recommendation was for the banner to be reviewed after five years. But councillors eventually granted temporary permission, so they could see it in situ and review it after one year.