Council Agrees New School Attendance Policy

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

Councillors have been told that some parents feel it’s cheaper to pay the fines for taking their children out of school during term time rather than pay more for a holiday when schools are out.

Children and Yong People Committee member, Beryl Read, suggested they look at the level of the fines that the school can charge. At present, parents can be fined up to £120 for each child’s absence.

The revelation came during a discussion on a new attendance policy for the Five Islands School.

This was an area that Ofsted picked up in their recent report, and contributed to the lower grading for leadership and management.

Performance Manager Keith Grossett said there was a tendency for some parents to take holidays during term time and the new policy will help clarify the responsibilities of parents, the school and the Council to ensure students attend lessons.

The policy says that the school can grant up to 10 days leave, at the discretion of the Head Teacher, although parent are “actively discouraged” from arranging term-time holidays.

One Response to Council Agrees New School Attendance Policy

  1. Tom D May 31, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    The Ofsted report actually commented that attendance had imporoved since the last inspection. Attendance played no part whatsoever in “contributing to the lower grading for leadership and management”. The ‘downgrading’ was due to the legacy of the previous Head teacher and his governing body. The Ofsted report and subsequent HMI visit commented favourably on the efforts of the new leadership team and governing body’s moves to take the school forward. Whenever Ofsted have mentioned attendance in the past, recognition has been given to the school’s unique situation and support given to the efforts of the Council and school staff to address the issue. Why Radio Scilly insists on giving out mis-information regarding the school is intriguing.