Planners Approve Bryher Extension



Planners have approved the extension to a Bryher home so part of the enlarged building can be used for a 3-bedroom holiday let.

Chief Planner Craig Dryden felt that the work would improve the appearance of the home, known as Pine Trees.

He told the planning meeting that the building is currently a ‘hotch potch’ of styles.

Councillor Christine Savill echoed that view, adding that it didn’t appear to be an attractive building. Christine welcomed the improvement work on a building that planners claimed was, “in a poor state of repair” and in a commanding position looking out over Tresco Channel.

The internal reconfiguration will create a two-story annex and the current single-level extension will be replaced.

It will allow a Tresco Estate worker to have her own one-bedroomed home in one half of the building and enable her to afford the Duchy rent from the holiday let income from the other half of the building.

Officers felt that was acceptable for improving the tourism offer, as the applicant wasn’t intending to separate the two parts of the property permanently. Planners have restricted the lettings to short term use and insist that the building can’t be permanently split into two.