Owners Need To Start Training For This Year’s Dog Show

Last year's Best-in-Show winner Colin, the Jack Russell.

Last year’s Best-in-Show winner Colin, the Jack Russell.

Organisers of this year’s Dog Show, in aid of the Veterinary Support Group, say they’ve added a few tweaks to make it more fun and keep it fresh.

Organiser Karrie Skaife says there’ll be ten classes up for awards this year, including Dog with the Biggest Smile and Dog with the Softest Coat. There’s even a category for the Best Golden Oldie.

There won’t be an Agility category, which Karrie says had become a bit competitive. Instead, judges will be looking for Dogs with the Best Trick.

Karrie says it can be anything and there’s plenty of time between now and the day of the show to get training your pet. And she says she’s seen a few doggy treats flying around already.

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Karrie Skaife talks about this year’s Vet Support Group Dog Show

Karrie says a visitor to the Dog Show last year loved it so much that he’s arranged to come back at the same time this year. He suggested giving every entrant in the Child Handler class a rosette, just for having the bravery to get in the ring, and he’s offered a donation to pay for the awards this year and in the future.

The Veterinary Support Group need to raise funds to pay off some money for the new X-ray machine, which is flexible enough to be used in the surgery for small animals as well as out in the field on horses and cattle.

They also want to resurface the drive to the surgery, which Karrie says is looking like a BMX course.

Most people have a pet or have had one in the past and Karrie says no one wants to see them in pain or put them through the stress of going to the mainland. She feels it’s important to have a vet here on the islands who can handle anything, even wild animals like seals, which is why the Vet Support Group is so important.

The Dog Show is taking place on 15th June at the Old Town Veterinary Surgery and Karrie says to remember that there’s no parking and no public loos at the site in Old Town.

There’ll be refreshments and a raffle and the group are keen for people to bring along cakes and biscuits to sell on the day of the show.