Former Councillor Wants TIC To Move

sheila thomas
A former St Mary’s councillor has questioned whether we still need a tourist information centre and says the newly-opened facility should move out of the Schiller Shelter.

Sheila Thomas says the shelter was built for people to enjoy, especially in wet weather, and it’s now locked up at 5pm every evening and 2pm on Sundays, when the TIC closes.

Sheila doesn’t think that the islands need a TIC any more, especially as most accommodation providers have their own website and visitors do their research online.

She thinks it could easily be moved into the One Stop Shop at the Town Hall, with electronic boards similar to those on the Scillonian to give people information. She says that could also bring in a bit of extra advertising revenue.

Sheila thinks the Islands’ Partnership should be responsible for managing the TIC and the Council should act on the original recommendations in the Blue Sail report. There are few TICs left in Cornwall, she says, and the one in St Ives is run privately.

If the TIC does move out, Sheila wants the shelter to close at 9pm, adding that as she lives opposite, she’d be happy to lock it up and keep it clean.

She’s been canvassing councillors about her idea to move the TIC to the Town Hall and says she has support from between 12 and 15 of them.

And she says she’s investigating whether councillors approved the move in the first place. At Tuesday’s Planning meeting, Cllr Gordon Bilsborough said he couldn’t remember members voting for it.

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