Survey Team Monitoring Health Of Scilly’s Seabed

The Solent Guardian at St Mary's quay

The Solent Guardian at St Mary’s quay

The condition of the seabed around our islands has been monitored this week.

The survey team on board the Environment Agency vessel, the Solent Guardian, has been making so called ‘grab samples’ from the ocean floor at sixty predetermined spots including sites in St Mary’s Road, between Samson and Bryher, and north of St Martin’s.

Kate Sugar from Natural England, who run the project jointly with the Environment Agency, says they take a large sample of sand or gravel then assess the quality by looking for communities of plants and animals living in it.

It’s an on-going process, being repeated every three to four years from the same spots.

Natural England is also responsible for monitoring the European Marine Sites so they’ll use the data for their reports.

The team arrived on Scilly on Saturday and completed their survey yesterday.