St Martin’s Community Hall ‘On Time And On Budget’

st martins community hall 1The new St Martin’s Community Hall is coming in on time and on budget and will ready by August.

Committee member Keith Bradford says the work has gone extremely well, which he puts down partly to good planning and partly to the exceptional work of the builders on the project.

Keith says mainland firm SJ Quick and Sons, who built the affordable housing on the off-islands, battled through torrential rain, mud and freezing weather this winter without letting the schedule slip at all.

And he says the island now has a very nice looking building which is now receiving its second fixes and decoration.

Apart from a large community hall, the building will also contain a gym, a doctor’s surgery and a full working kitchen. There’s a large amount of storage space that Keith says could be used for other purposes in the future if it’s not all required.

st martins community hall 2The committee are meeting today to make their final purchases of fixtures and fittings.

Keith says the building and fittings have already been paid for, but they’ll continue to fundraise for on-going maintenance costs at events like the island’s summer fete.

The committee hope to arrange something special for the opening later this summer.