New Youth Orders Aim To Avoid Court

Sergeant Colin Taylor

Sergeant Colin Taylor

Scilly’s Police team are among the first in the country to use a new caution scheme for young offenders.

The new scheme was introduce by the Government in April and Sergeant Colin Taylor says it’s a recognition that too many children were ending up in court.

Convictions at an early age can severely limit people chances in life, particularly finding a job.

Colin says the new Youth Caution is a warning to youngsters not to offend again, while the Youth Conditional Caution is designed for more serious or repeat offences

It imposes certain conditions on the youngster.

Colin says the local police team will play a big role in determining those conditions because they know the youngsters involved and the circumstances such as their family background and schooling.

They’ll work with the Youth Offenders Team to ensure they’re met and only then could the youngster end up in court.

Colin feels it gives everyone a chance to modify the child’s behaviour and sanctions could include them putting right any wrong that’s been done or dealing with anger or alcohol abuse.

The first Youth Conditional Caution was issued in Scilly on April 10th, two days after the legislation was introduced.