Council Committees Choose Their New Chairmen

Council chambers at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

Council chambers at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

The councillors who will head up the various Council committees have been elected.

Amanda Martin and Dudley Mumford were chosen as Council Chairman and Vice Chairman last week, but at a special meeting yesterday, the senior committee positions were selected.

The powerful Policy and Resources committee, which looks after Town Hall finances, will be chaired by Dudley Mumford with Richard McCarthy in the Vice Chairman role. The other seats on that committee are usually filled by the chairmen of the individual committees.

But as Chris Thomas was voted into two chairmanships, for the IFCA Sea Fisheries and Transport committees, he had to choose which one he wanted to represent on the finance committee.

He chose his Transport chairmanship, so his Vice Chairman on the IFCA, James Francis, will take a seat around the P&R table.

The Planning committee chair was taken by Gaz O’Neill and Amanda Martin takes the vice chairmanship.

The newest members of the Council will get an early chance to influence the direction of the authority as four councillors who were voted in at the start of the month gained senior roles.

Adrian Davies, who is a retired islands’ GP, was elected Chairman of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Mike Nelhams became Vice Chairman of that committee.

Richard McCarthy was re-elected as Chair of the Community Services Committee, after being proposed by Gordon Bilsborough. That’s the committee that looks after Social Services, Park House, the Sports Hall and Normandy Pool

Fran Grottick gained the Vice Chairman’s role.

Mollie Peacock was voted as Licensing Chair with Mike Nelhams as Vice Chair.

Gordon Bilsborough has retained the chairmanship of the committee that monitors councillors’ behaviour, the Standards Committee, while Adrian Davis gained the vice chairmanship.

Chris Thomas took the Transport Chair after Dudley Mumford announced that he didn’t wish to continue with the role for this term of Council. Steve Sims was elected Vice Chair.

The Chairman of the Council will temporarily take the lead role on the Health and Wellbeing Committee, as officers need to take advice about potential conflicts of interests.

During a training session, members were warned that it could be an issue, and there have been concerns that this board may one day need to investigate different Council committees, like Social Services.

Amanda Martin will take the job as a ‘holding position.’ The Vice Chairman will be decided at the first meeting of the group.

Christine Savill was elected as Chair of the Children and Young People Committee and her Vice Chairman will be Roy Duncan.

Steve Sims, a new councillor, has taken the chairmanship of General Purposes committee, with Chris Thomas as Vice Chair. That committee faces some of the biggest challenges as its remit takes in water and sewage on St Mary’s and Bryher and waste management, including the Moorwell Alp.