Police Say Damage To Wildlife Trust Fences Must Stop

cattle grazing 2There’s been more action taken against the Wildlife Trust and police feel it’s a reaction to their controversial grazing policy.

It’s happened before in recent years and there have been short bursts of action over a short period. But no one has been caught.

On Friday evening, Sergeant Colin Taylor was contacted by a visitor who had noticed fence posts pulled up on the Garrison. She was worried that grazing cattle and horses would get out.

She put them back and a Trust worker went to make sure the animals were secure. But on Saturday morning, the Trust found that the posts had been removed again.

Colin says someone has gone out of their way to do this, and would urge them to take their grievances to the Trust instead, rather then risk letting animals out onto the roads.

He says it’s not a crime but he’d view the actions as antisocial behaviour. And if the cattle get out and injure someone, or themselves, he’ll hold the person who removed the fences responsible.

Sergeant Taylor says when people do this it reflects badly on the islands and that’s why he wants it to stop.

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