Scillonian Grounding ‘Looked More Dramatic Than It Was’

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The grounding of the Scillonian III yesterday in St Mary’s harbour looked more dramatic than it was and there was no major damage caused.

That’s according to Harbourmaster, Dale Clark, who praised the professionalism of the boatmen and shore staff, including the crews of the Pegasus, the Hurricane and the Lyonesse Lady, as well as the quay hands on shore.

Recounting yesterday’s chain of events, Dale says the Scillonian made a normal approach but the strong northwesterly wind caught her stern, which was recovered by the Captain.

She pulled out and made a second attempt to berth but the same thing happened and unfortunately this time she couldn’t be caught. Dale says the boat ended up contacting some moorings before scraping the bottom in the low water.

St Mary's Harbourmaster, Dale Clark

St Mary’s Harbourmaster, Dale Clark

Two buoys were damage and there was some very minor damage to one vessel.

Dale said it looked dramatic but the recovery was very controlled.

He says it could have been a lot worse, as the Scillonian is a big boat relative to the other vessels in the harbour.

Divers went down yesterday afternoon to check the hull and propellers but they didn’t see any sign of damage.

The ship left as scheduled at 4.30pm.

Dale says there are always lessons to be learned after an event like this and his office will be working with the Steamship Company to review the incident.


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