Councillors Vote To Disband Tourism Board

TIC will move to Planning Committee under the proposals

TIC will be managed by the Planning Committee

The Council’s Tourist Board has been disbanded.

Councillors voted unanimously to remove the committee, which holds the budget for the TIC, production of the Simply Scilly brochure and managing the website.

Former Chairman of the Board, Cllr Christine Savill, told members that the Blue Sail report into the future of tourism on the islands had recommended merging the three public and private sector tourism bodies that used to exist into a single entity.

The Tourist Board was the last to remain, after Island Tourism and Island Marketing joined to form the Tourism and Business Partnership last year.

She said tourism-related activities were absorbed into Economic Development several years ago and the time was now right to dissolve the Tourist Board.

The activities of the TIC will now be monitored by the Planning Department.

One Response to Councillors Vote To Disband Tourism Board

  1. Peter May 23, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    Let me stress that I love Scilly and care very much that Scilly should remain a viable “product” in the holiday industry. The Blue Sail report was just about spot-on (describing 1950s-standard poor quality accommodation and poor restaurants and a general hardy spirit amongst devoted Scilly visitors that this is what you have to put up with if you want to savour the undoubted delights of the wider Scilly experience) and making sensible – but hard-hitting – recommendations for dragging Scilly into the 21st century. Responsibility for seeing through these recommendations was given to a start-up (their website was almost blank) marketing company based on the mainland at the end of 2012 about whom I have seen no mention in the public domain since. When I contacted this company with my views last year they said that my opinions were just the sort of things they needed and they would contact me in the new year. Now it’s May. Nothing. So without the Tourist Board and with no sign to me of this marketing company doing anything, I fear that the Scilly product is still sinking and no one is doing anything, apart from re-arranging the deckchairs up at the airport.