Parents Being Urged To Walk Children To School

School Crossing Patrol

School Crossing Patrol

The Five Island School and the Council want children and adults to walk to school, rather than drive, for the rest of this week and in the future.

They are backing a national charity event which claims that parents would find the journey to school less stressful and cheaper, with a reduced fuel bill, if the children went on foot.

And the Council backs the move to increase youngsters’ fitness. They say walking will help children learn vital road safety skills and ensure they are alert and ready to learn at the start of a new day.

The initiative is being promoted here by the Carn Gwaval Travel Plan Working Group. Kevin Leeman chairs that partnership between the school, Council and police.

They have been asked to look into ways of improving access to and from the Carn Gwaval site that covers not only the school but also the soon-to-open Health and Wellbeing Hub.

Sam Mallon, Chair of the Parents, Teachers and Friends association, wants to encourage parents to share the walk with their children and suggests setting up a roster with other parents to make it easier. She says cycling is another option to reduce traffic levels.

The school has added undercover storage for bikes at the school but Sam says they need more.

She’s pleased that a school crossing patrol person has been appointed. The Council also says progress has been made with improvements to the path between Moorwell and Carn Gwaval.

Sam says drivers should play their part too. Drivers need to realise there will be large numbers of pedestrians on the roads to school at certain times and should take care, or use a different route.

But she says there are times when parents will want to drive too, such as in bad weather. She says she wouldn’t want to be walking across Old Town sea wall when it’s blowing a gale and the road’s flooded.

Kevin says he wants more parental representation on the Working Group during their monthly meetings.