Trading Standards Make First Inspections In Scilly Under New Contract

hugh town centre summerThe islands’ new Trading Standards service has made its first checks on businesses.

It took almost a year for our Council to reach agreement with Cornwall to provide the contracted-out service. The deal was finalised in November, and Chief Technical officer, Neville Gardner, says it’s a statutory requirement that every Local Authority has a service level agreement to provide Trading Standards.

Two mainland officers toured business premises with Scilly Council officer David Senior on Thursday.

Euan Rodger’s Tanglewood Kitchen was the first to be inspected. The officers checked his scales and he was asked to prove the origin of his imported American foods, what’s known as  “traceability” back to the importer. Euan was able to show that American ingredient labels are replaced with EU-standard food information by his importer.

Clive Sibley says the men checked fuel pumps at Porthcressa and on the Quay. Clive had notice of when they were coming for the inspection, but Euan’s 10am visit was unannounced and he feels that next time, they could pick a quieter time and take the demands on sole traders into consideration.

Neville says the visitors were pleased with what they saw and with the assistance and co-operation they experienced from businesses. They will visit again, two or three times a year, visiting different businesses on the islands, he says.

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