Senior Roles On Scilly’s Council To Be Decided Tonight

The Old Wesleyan Chapel

The Old Wesleyan Chapel

There’s an important meeting for the Council tonight, the first Full meeting since seven new councillors were elected at the start of the month.

And those new members will vote for their Chairman and Vice Chairman for the next year, this evening.

It appears that the current Vice Chair of the Authority, Amanda Martin will be voted into the Chairman’s role unopposed. At this stage no challengers have emerged.

Former Chairman Roy Duncan says he has been asked whether he’d put his name forward, but he’s made it clear for years that he doesn’t want the most senior role again.

And Marian Bennett, who has also served as Vice Chair of Council previously, says she won’t be challenging Cllr Martin.

Amanda has received widespread popular support, gaining the second highest poll of 628 in the recent election.

The meeting in the Old Wesleyan Chapel starts at 6.30pm and is open to the public.

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