Tresco Beer Festival To Feature Cornish Beers

tresco new inn signThe 12th annual Tresco Beer Festival kicked off at the New Inn last night.

Landlord Robin Lawson says the focus this year is on westcountry beers with 27 different ales brought over for the event. Most of these are Cornish with a few Devon beers to make up the numbers.

He won’t be serving any very strong brews this year because people are learning that drinking 7 or 8% beers make them very poorly afterwards, he says.

The strongest beer is from Teignbridge at 5.5% but most are around 4%, and Robin says there’s a good mix of milds, pale ales and ruby beers.

One change this year is that all the beers will be served from the cellars rather than the bar area. That will keep them cool and maintain the quality.

Robin says the festival gives Tresco a chance to market something different to its visitors. Numbers are usually dependent on the weather and availability of boats and the last two years were poor, but thankfully the forecast is fairly settled this weekend, he says.

Music will be on offer from local bands Road Runner tonight and Touching Cloth on Monday, while on Sunday afternoon a visiting band from Bristol called Lost Eleven, who have connections to St Agnes, will be playing.

The festival runs until Monday.