Off-Island Vehicles Must Be Registered Say Police

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Vehicles used on off-island roads will need to be legally registered, according to the latest guidance from Devon and Cornwall police.

Vehicles haven’t routinely been registered on those islands as the roads are maintained by the Duchy and considered to be private. Vehicles do need insurance though.

The current lapse came to light during a routine enquiry from one off-island resident about the legality of their son riding a quad bike.

PC Mat Collier checked with the police’s legal department, who said all vehicles need to be registered.

From Radio Scilly

Hear this week’s Policing news with PC Mat Collier

Mat says it’s an issue that hasn’t been raised before and the local policing team haven’t decided what to do about it yet. He says there will probably be a grace period while owners are sent letters informing them of the situation and given a chance to get their vehicles registered.

That will also mean displaying a valid registration plate and making sure they’re roadworthy, with working indicators and brake lights.

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