Vodafone Apologise For Network Failure

tv mastVodafone customers in Scilly should be able to make calls again after the local end of the network failed on Wednesday night.

Text messaging worked but calls couldn’t be made even when phones indicated full signal strength, with all bars illuminated.

Islands ambulance boss Tony Smith says that doesn’t necessarily mean that emergency calls won’t work, as the mobile phone networks are set up to transfer such calls to the next available service provider.

As Vodafone is the popular network on the islands, the outage proved disruptive to businesses reliant on mobiles. Buzza Bus driver Dave Maybrey asked Radio Scilly to give out his home phone number and he checked regularly to see if any disabled or elderly passengers had left messages requesting pickups.

Jane Fratwell of Vodafone’s Press Office has apologised about the loss of service and says engineers investigated and repaired the fault on Thursday afternoon.