Quilters Display Work For Art Scilly Festival

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The Lyonesse Quilters group believes that Art Scilly is achieving its goal of encouraging more people to the islands.

The women have displayed their work at the church pavilion over the last two days.

Member Jill Wilson says people who have returned especially for the festival have visited them.

The 14-strong group has recently been given a special challenge. Parishes across Cornwall have been asked to produce quilted banners representing a saint from within their area. Jill says they’re going to produce one dedicated to St Elid who came to the island of St Helens in Scilly.

From Radio Scilly

Jill Wilson talks to Radio Scilly about the Lyonesse Quilters

It will be displayed alongside others from the region in Truro Cathedral early next year.

Jill says the banner will represent the saint in silhouette against a backdrop of the island with a Viking boat, his means of travel. And one of the reasons they’ve chosen St Elid is that there are only four letters in his name, which makes it easier to sew, she says.