Councillors To Discuss Axing The Tourist Board

TIC will move to Planning Committee under the proposals

TIC will move to Planning Committee under the proposals

Newly elected councillors will face their first challenge next Tuesday when they’ll be asked to axe the Tourist Board.

It’s proposed that the committee should be abolished and it’s functions moved into Planning.

The Tourist Board, currently chaired by Cllr Christine Savill, looks after the budget for the TIC, produces the Simply Scilly brochure and maintains the website.

The Blue Sail report into the future of tourism in Scilly recommended that the three former tourism-related bodies should be merged into a single unit. With the formation of the Islands’ Partnership from the old Island Tourism and Island Marketing groups, it’s now though to be an appropriate time to consider the role of the Tourist Board.

At last Tuesday’s meeting on St Mary’s organised by the Islands’ Partnership, Chris Savill told attendees that axing a committee would save money.

The Council is facing significant cutbacks in order to reduce their deficit. Tourism is not a statutory function, meaning the government doesn’t insist that local authorities provide the service. Our Council spent £180,000 on tourism-related activities last year.

Cornwall has closed its TICs, but Christine says there was, “no vision on the horizon” that the Hugh Town TIC would be closed.

But it’s unclear when and if the role of the TIC will be taken over by the Partnership. Chairman Chris Gregory said they “would have drowned” if they’d taken it on from the start, but added that none of the arrangements were, “pickled in aspic.”

2 Responses to Councillors To Discuss Axing The Tourist Board

  1. Italian stallion May 20, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    I think that this Window of Opportunity with a touch of blue sky thinking outside the box would be a no-brainer where we could all touch base and by applying a bit of anisotropical unimpaired modelling we could go down the pub and get smashed.

  2. Bill Hiner May 19, 2013 at 11:18 am

    “no vision on the horizon”
    “would have drowned”
    “pickled in aspic”

    For goodness sake, what are you all saying? Please speak English!