Council Thank Staff For Hard Work Over Gig Weekend

hugh town centre buntingThe Council have thanked their staff for working hard to deal with the extra waste generated over Gig Weekend.

On the Saturday and Sunday of the championships, there were twelve litter-collecting trips around St Mary’s, which brought in 120 cubic metres of rubbish. That’s enough to fill up 19 gigs.

The fragile St Mary’s sewerage system held up over the weekend, too. The Sunday before Gig Weekend, 300,000 litres of sewage was produced in the town. But on the championship Sunday that increased almost five-fold to 1.4 million litres.

The Council says it was enough to fill half an Olympic swimming pool.

Caretaker Doug said he restocked the Strand and Porthcressa toilets regularly and visitors used 10 litres of soap, 3 litres of cleaning fluid, 33 jumbo toilet rolls and 11,500 paper hand towels over the weekend!