World’s Smallest League Wins World’s Smallest Trophy

The Lyonesse Cup

The Lyonesse Cup

Scilly’s football players have gained a new title.

The world’s smallest football league has won what’s believed to be the smallest trophy, The Lyonesse Cup, after beating the Cornish Dynamo Choughs 3-1 on Saturday.

Chairman of Scilly’s football club, Martin Tomlinson, says it was a good game. He felt the team were a bit slow during the first half but got themselves together in the second and fully deserved the result.

The sides met previously in March during the St Mary’s football club mainland tour, and Alex Wade from the Choughs says they had planned the return trip for some time.

The visitors had to deal with playing after a rough boat crossing and, as they’re used to playing on Astroturf, found the Garrison pitch, complete with rabbit holes, different to their usual playing conditions.

And Alex says the pace was hard going too.

It’s now hoped that the fixture will become an annual event with islanders returning to take on the mainland side next year. St Mary’s footballers also hope to take on a team in the Newquay area during their 2014 tour.

Now the season has ended, the next fixture for the St Mary’s players will be against the visiting mainland sportsmen, the Mal de Mers, in September

The Lyonesse Cup, made of Cornish tin, will be on display at that the Scillonian Club.