Councillor Sims Continues Winning Streak

one act play festival steve sims

Steve Sims with the Shirley Smith Trophy

The bus driver who won the largest vote in the recent local elections has topped another poll.

Steve Sims was yesterday crowned the winner of this year’s One Act Play Festival.

His script, The Return of the King, a comedy set in a failed future Republic, where the British people have decided to bring back the monarchy, received the highest combined score from the audience and judge Paul Dodgson.

Maggie Perkovic came second with her short, satirical glimpse of life during a school Ofsted visit, entitled ‘Another Brick in the Wall.’

Clive Mumford won third prize with ‘Naked in Hugh Street’, a series of short sketches about life in the islands’ newsagents, complete with birdwatchers, cruise ship visitors and a former prime minister, that appeared rather close to real life.

Steve Sims told us he feels that he’s on a bit of a winning streak after a successful pantomime earlier this year, his election to Council and now winning the One Act Play competition.

He was awarded the Shirley Smith Trophy, in memory of the long-time Theatre Club member who passed away last year.

All of this year’s scripts showed a high degree of originality, talent and wit while the hard work of the Theatre Club elevated them from simple ‘rehearsed readings’ to something that was closer to a full performance.

Particular praise goes to David Chodkiewicz, Kevin Leeman and Maggie Dean who appeared in several of the plays.

Organiser Jenny Byers says she was pleased with the turnout and grateful to the church for allowing them to use the venue as the Town Hall is currently out of action.