Scilly’s Dental Service To Be Run By New Company

St Mary's Hospital

St Mary’s Hospital

Dentistry services on Scilly are to be delivered by a new company, PCH Dental.

It’s been formed by Peninsula Community Health, which runs St Mary’s hospital and means dental services across the hospital group’s 13 locations in Cornwall and Scilly will now be run as an independent business.

The change was necessary to comply with the government rules that require dental services to be run by a board, with the majority of directors being qualified dentists.

Carol Clarke from Healthwatch says dental services on the mainland are usually split into routine ‘high street’ type surgeries and more specialist or emergency treatment in hospitals.

Scilly is unusual in having both services delivered by a single team on St Mary’s.

Carol says there should be no change to the services that people can access or to the dental team at the hospital, although the new arrangements will give the practice access to a wider range of expertise on the mainland.