Underage Drinker Banned From Local Premises

hugh town from garrisonThe islands’ Pubwatch group of licensed premises managers met yesterday to discuss what action to take after an underage girl became drunk in a town centre pub on Friday night.

Sergeant Colin Taylor discovered the youngster in a pub at around midnight and female officer took the youngster home to her parents, who had gone to bed.

The landlady of the premises involved said the girl had not been served and believed she’d been following a practice called ‘minesweeping,’ where people consume unattended drinks.

The meeting discussed the course of action that the licensees group would take. Previously underage youngsters found drinking have been banned until their 18th birthday but this rule was applied to 17 year olds in the most recent cases, so the ban didn’t have long to run.

This girl is much younger and licensees felt it was unfair to effectively bar her from going out for meals with her parents in local pubs. One landlord felt that would be especially harsh at Christmas.

But other members argued that everybody had to be dealt with in the same way. Licensees decided to follow the established procedure of banning her from all Pubwatch premises until she is 18, but that policy, and other rules and regulations, may be reviewed in the future.

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