Antiques Expert Says Scilly Is Pocket Watch Crazy

Brian Chesters

Brian Chesters

An antiques expert and auctioneer says Scilly appears to be pocket watch crazy.

Brian Chesters appears on the television programme Dickinson’s Real Deal and came over to value antique items in the session at Tregarthen’s Hotel yesterday.

Brian regularly visits isolated island communities, including the Channel Islands and the Hebrides. And he says islands often throw up some interesting finds.

He was surprised how many pocket watches were brought to him during the six-hour session, adding that it feels like everyone on the island has got one. He normally sees more 70’s wristwatches in the other places he visits.

Brian says people on islands often don’t know what to do with antiques, especially if there are no local dealers. They usually have to send them to the mainland, but he prefers to do it the other way round and visit the isolated communities instead.

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