Gig Racing Documentary Could Be Screened On TV

wpgc 2013 jaspa sunday

A documentary made about last weekend’s World Pilot Gig Championships could be screened on TV ahead of the 25th anniversary event next May.

Six filmmakers working for Top Dog Productions have used four cameras in boats and on the beaches to follow a gig crew from Clevedon.

The North Somerset town’s club has grown rapidly, boasting around 100 members, and demonstrating the growing appeal of the sport outside its traditional base in Cornwall.

Producer Colin Gardiner says he hopes that a TV network will pick up the finished programme. They’ll be making a feature-length 90-minute version, which will be entered into documentary festivals, as well as an hour-long version more suited to TV.

The film is self-funded by the professionals involved which means it’s being done in their spare time, fitting around their day jobs. Colin is hoping that the final edits will be ready by October.

The islands’ biggest sporting event deserves a greater profile, says Colin, adding that no one really seems to know about it.

And while some people have commented that they don’t want the event ruined by having too many boats taking part, he thinks showing the programme on TV could increase awareness of the sport.