Pub Incident Ends In Fine

The Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn

An off-island resident has received an £80 ticket for allegedly exposing himself while standing on a table in the Mermaid.

The incident happened late on Monday night and, unfortunately for the would-be male stripper, two police officers happened to be walking past the pub window at the time.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says he was asked to enter the premises to evict the male by Mermaid staff. He asked the man to, “put it away” and get down.

But he claims that the male didn’t seem to view his behaviour as a problem and didn’t want to stop. So he was placed in handcuffs and taken outside.

He’s been given an £80 penalty ticket.

Colin says he was disappointed to have been booed by pub customers, especially as he was request to assist by a pub staff member.

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