Islands’ Oldest Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

Old Town resident, Emma Roberts, is 100 years old today.

The Royal British Legion is holding a special lunch for her at the Scillonian Club and her friends and family, including children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, will celebrate her birthday with a family event on Sunday.

Emma was born on May 8th 1913 but celebrates her birthday on May 15th, as that was the day her birth was registered. She was one of ten children born to Richard and Clara Thompson of Bayview Terrace.

Emma left school at the age of 14 and went into service for a family on St Agnes. She later worked for Mrs Roberts at Springfield’s Hotel.

Emma was married to Frank Roberts, who farmed at Old Town. The farmhouse ‘Blue Carn,’ where she still lives, is run as a guesthouse by grandson Phil and Emma still helps out with the ironing!

As the islands’ oldest resident, she met Prince Charles in 2012, and famously remarked after meeting him that, “he’s not a patch on his Mother.”

Emma likes to watch Wimbledon on the television, and reads the paper every day. She also goes to the pub for lunch every Thursday and is looking forward to her telegram from the Queen.

Lindsay Sawyer from the Isles of Scilly Museum says she’s scoured the records and the only person born on the islands who rivals Emma’s longevity was actually her grandmother, Susannah Thompson, who died in 1900 aged 93.

Other Scillonians known to have reached 100 years were Amy Pearce of Penzance (nee Ellis) who left the islands as a young woman,  Sylvia Phillips (nee Ellis) who moved to live in Ohio and Rodney Ward.

Emma meeting Prince Charles last year

Emma meeting Prince Charles last year