Collision Spoils Traditional Gig Sailing Race

The Royal on Town Beach yesterday

The Royal on Town Beach yesterday

The traditional Gig Sailing event yesterday morning was a disappointing race as only two vessels entered, and one of those had to retire after a collision.

The Royal and the Fear Not started the race, but race marshal Keith Buchanan said the boats crossed tacked near Nut Rock and collided.

Both boats suffered damage, and the Royal had to be towed back to the harbour, while the Fear Not carried on to finish the race and claim the Pilot Widows Trophy for the first time.

Keith said the Royal should have given way and was clearly in the wrong.

It’s thought the damage will be fairly easy to repair.

Keith says the number of entrants for the gig sailing race has been falling steadily over the years as more clubs focus on the rowing event. And he says the sailing does put additional stresses and strains on the gigs, as seen yesterday.

Keith says the Sailing Club, who organise it, may invite other vessels next year, possibly traditional wooden Redwing dinghies, to make it more off a race.