Scilly’s Canon Goes For A Spin In New Gig

The newest gig to be built in Scilly was launched yesterday in a ceremony on the Rechabite’s Slip.

The Zeeheld, meaning ‘Sea Hero’ has been built for a Dutch rowing club based in Scheveningen.

The chairman of the club gave a short speech to the large crowd gathered on the beach, before the youngest member of the crew launched the boat with a sprinkling of champagne.

He said a lot of people wonder why the Dutch love gig racing so much. He said it’s a lot to do about their constant battle against water, and said the sport was growing there with six clubs actively rowing.

And he said this event couldn’t be replicated anywhere else in the world.

This was followed by a blessing by the Reverend Canon Paul Miller using holy water brought back recently from the River Jordan.

Canon Miller said he’d only lived here for six months and had been looking forward to doing the honours.

He was thanked by the club with a bottle of traditional Dutch orange bitters.

Canon Miller then took off his shoes, hoisted up his robe, and waded into the water to take his place in the stern of the gig for a first tour of the harbour.

You can see more photos from the launch of the Zeeheld here.