Newest Gig To Be Launched Today

Peter Martin with the new Zeeheld gig

Peter Martin with the new Zeeheld gig

The latest gig to be built in Scilly will be blessed this afternoon before her first outing on the water.

The Zeeheld, meaning ‘Sea Hero’ in Dutch, has been built by Peter Martin at his Porthloo workshop.

It’s the second gig he’s built for the Dutch rowing club from the seaside town of Scheveningen, near The Hague. The Vliegende Hollander, or ‘Flying Dutchman’ was completed four years ago.

The hull of the new boat is made from a single elm from Lincolnshire, while the seats were made of wood sourced from Scilly.

As is the traditional, the new gig will be blessed by the Reverend Canon Paul Miller in a ceremony at the Rechabite’s Slip at 3.30pm.

Paul says he was aware that he might have to make the blessing and asked Chris and June Jones of the Bell Rock Hotel to bring back holy water from the River Jordan during their recent visit their.

He’ll be saying a prayer for the boat and also for the whole weekend, in the hope that people will have fun and be kept safe.

Paul has learned some words in Dutch from the Bishop of St Germans, Christopher Goldsmith, who has been holidaying in Scilly and once lived in the Netherlands. He says he just hopes the visitors can understand them.

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