Former Round Table Group Trying To Track Down Old Regalia

round table logoMembers of the islands’ former Round Table group are asking people to look in their sock drawers for old regalia and trophies from the organisation.

Former Round Tabler, Steve Whomersley, says they’ve got the Chairman and President’s Jewels, but they’re trying to track down the Vice Chairman’s Jewel.

The Jewels are ribbons with a medal containing metal name bars for every person who held that position over the years. Steve says they show the whole history of the organisation on the islands and he’s hoping to put them on display.

Steve says they’re also looking for old trophies, including the Blind Drunk Trophy, given to the member who most disgraced themselves each year, and the Piston Broke Award, given to the group’s darts champion.

Steve’s worried that the regalia will be dispersed across the islands and lost. He wants them to be looked after in case the group starts up again in the future.

The local Round Table was wound up in 2011, as membership numbers waned and the cost of affiliation to the national body got expensive.

Steve says it was a great organisation to be involved with and it did a lot of good work on the islands.

He says people can contact him on 422463 if they know where the items are and also if anyone is interested in restarting the group.