Election 2013: The Results

polling stationThe results of yesterday’s local elections in Scilly have been announced by Returning Officer Neville Gardner, after four hours of counting.

On St Mary’s 65% of the electorate turned out to the vote, 80% of St Martin’s residents also cast their votes.

St Mary’s bus driver Steve Sims received the highest backing from the electorate on St Mary’s with 658 votes, while Amanda Martin came in second with 628.

As well as Mr Sims, residents on St Mary’s elected a further five new councillors.

The Chairman of civic action group HEART, Adrian Davies, was well supported with 584 votes. Star Castle Hotel operator James Francis received 347 votes.

There was also success for HEART committee member Fran Grottick (426).

Other new councillors elected are Andy Guy (358) and Avril Mumford (360).

They’ll be joined by existing members Gaz O’Neill (552), Dudley Mumford (438), Gordon Bilsborough (423), Roy Duncan (412), Chris Thomas (388) and David Pearson (319).

Councillors who have lost their seats are Sheila Thomas (270), Fred Ticehurst (290) and Ralph Banfield (234).

For the first time candidates have stood in the islands’ Council elections on a political party ticket but that hasn’t been a success. Neither Green Party candidate, Mark Prebble (297) or Louise Graham (260) was elected on St Mary’s. That means the Council remains entirely independent.

The electorate gave significant support to current Vice Chairman of the Authority, Amanda Martin who came second in the vote. As Vice Chair, Amanda was greatly involved in the process that led to the suspension of the former Chief Executive Philip Hygate while allegations made surrounding his conduct were investigated.

Mr Hygate has always denied those allegations. He retired from the authority earlier this year.

On St Martin’s 80% of the 108 locals voted.

Two former Council Chairmen, Colin Daly and Christine Savill were elected with 64 and 63 votes, respectively. Restaurant owner Adam Morton did not manage to get elected, polling 30 votes.

There hasn’t been an election on St Agnes, where Richard McCarthy and Mollie Peacock were the only candidates and have been automatically returned.

On Tresco, Robert Dorrien Smith and Mike Nelhams have been returned, while on Bryher, only Marian Bennett stood for the 2 seats, and is returned uncontested.

3 ballot papers were rejected, as the intention of the voter was unclear.

The results in order of votes:

 St Mary’s Ward (13 Seats)

1 Steve Sims Independent 658
2 Amanda Martin Independent 628
3 Adrian Davis Independent 584
4 Gaz O’Neill Independent 552
5 Dudley Mumford Independent 438
6 Fran Grottick Independent 426
7 Gordon Bilsborough Independent 423
8 Roy Duncan Independent 412
9 Chris Thomas Independent 388
10 Avril Mumford Independent 360
11 Andy Guy Independent 358
12 James Francis Independent 347
13 David Pearson Independent 319
14 Mark Prebble Green Party 297
15 Fred Ticehurst Independent 290
16 Sheila Thomas Independent 270
17 Louise Graham Green Party 260
18 Ralph Banfield Independent 234


St Martin’s Ward (2 Seats)

1 Colin Daly Independent 64
2 Christine Savill Independent 63
3 Adam Morton Independent 30


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