Open Day Being Held For New Porthcressa Development

porthcressa schiller shelterThe Council is giving residents and visitors the chance to have a look around the new Porthcressa redevelopment next week.

On Wednesday 8th May, you’ll be able to have a look inside the new affordable housing, the workspace, the library and Register Office.

There’ll be cream teas, a band and a bouncy castle, while artists from the Phoenix Gallery will be setting up their stalls in the new workspaces for the day.

The Council’s Strategic Development Officer, Diana Mompoloki, said many of the organisations who provided funding, including the Homes and Communities Agency and the European Regional Development Fund, will attend to see what has been achieved.

She says tenants have already been lined up for the three new workshops and those should be announced soon. And she says the housing units have also been allocated.

The council had invited a representative from the German Embassy, in honour of the rebuilt Schiller Shelter, but they couldn’t attend because of other commitments, although Diana said they were very pleased with the continuation of the name.

The event will be a good chance to have “a proper look in the buildings and a poke around in the cupboards,” says Diana.

The fun starts at 3.30pm and runs until 7.00pm.