Scilly Has Potential As Tall Ship Destination Says Skipper

The Irene

The Irene

The skipper of a traditional wooden trading ketch that has been in Scilly this week says he hopes the distinctive ship will become a frequent visitor to the islands.

Rob Salvidge was formerly captain of the replica of the15th century Matthew, but he has switched to operating the Irene.

The ship, built in 1907, was a cargo vessel, which often served the route between Bristol and the South West including Scilly. She’s been refitted recently after investment by her enthusiastic owner and will be used for some sail training sessions.

From Radio Scilly

Rob Salvidge on The Irene

Rob, who lives in St Just, wants to bring at least three sailings parties to Scilly each year.

And he also wants to offer freight services to islanders with bulky items to transport. Rob says there are some cargoes that might not be packaged in a suitable way for normal transport and says he’d love to talk to anyone about ideas they may have.

Just this week, Keith Buchanan used the vessel to bring his two new Redwing dinghies over to the islands.

Rob believes Scilly has great potential as a tall ship destination and says there are other boats of distinction that he may be able to encourage to visit.

And he says these vessels could provide accommodation solutions to help gig weekend increase capacity, adding what an amazing atmosphere it would be to have half a dozen tall ships in the harbour.

You can contact rob and the Irene staff through their website at