Council To Undertake Major Transport Survey

st marys harbour tripper boats scillonianThe Council is to undertake a major survey of islander and visitor transport preferences.

The research findings are likely to be used to support funding bids for infrastructure improvements at St Mary’s quay and airport, or for the hardening of the runway at Land’s End.

Initially the Council had set aside a small £1,000 budget for the work and students had been suggested for the work, but money from the airport redevelopment budget will now be used to hire market research professionals, so that an authoritative survey can be produced.

The last major transport report commissioned by the Town Hall was the 2003 Fisher report, which highlighted the lower support offered to Scilly when compared to Irish and Scottish islands.

They also produced an internal report providing more up-to-date comparisons with Scotland last year.

It’s expected that the short questionnaire will be sent to homes on the islands and left at places where visitors can pick them up, such as hotels.

The choice of research company is still being finalised. It’s likely that the survey will be sent out this summer.

Campaign group FRIST has been calling on the Town Hall to undertake detailed survey work on islander transport needs and freight costs.