Liberty Launch Fabrics Designed By Tresco Schoolchildren

A sample of the Tresco fabric from Liberty's new collection

A sample of the Tresco fabric from Liberty’s new collection

Tresco lovers from all over the world can now make clothing or home furnishings using a fabric designed by pupils from the island’s school base.

Earlier this year up-market London store, Liberty, produced a range of fabrics inspired by Tresco. And as part of an on-going relationship between the company and Tresco, pupils were asked to produce drawings for reproduction on material.

Liberty work two years in advance so the youngsters have had to wait patiently to see the finished product. But yesterday they got to view their designs as part of the latest Scilly Flora collection.

Pupil Chessen Pender-Fraser worked with classmates on the designs, which were inspired by the flowers in the meadow near to School

Chessen says most of the schoolchildren took part in the project and she’s very proud of the final results.

The pupils will now purchase the fabric and use it to create craft items, such as bags, which will be sold for charity at school events.

Fabrics can be viewed on the Liberty website.