Election 2013: Ask The Candidates

polling stationOver the last two weeks, Radio Scilly has asked you to send in questions that you’d like to put to all of the candidates in this week’s local elections.

We gathered those together and sent out a final list of eleven questions to all the candidates asking for their responses. The subjects cover everything from waste and transport to Council budgets and Mundesley House. In fact, the same subjects that get so many comments on ScillyToday and our Facebook page.

Below, you can see their responses. Please be aware that if a candidate hasn’t responded, it could be that they didn’t receive a copy of the questions or were unable to reply because of other commitments.Questions were sent to all candidates by both email and letter, as not all candidates have internet connections.

We thank all those candidates who took part in the questionnaire for their valuable time.

Voting will take place on St Mary’s, at the Old Wesleyan Chapel, and St Martin’s in the Reading Room on Thursday 2nd May, from 7am to 10pm.

Voters on St Mary’s will be able to vote for up to 13 candidates and on St Martin’s for up to 2 candidates, although you can vote for less than that number if you wish.

Polling will not take place on Bryher, St Agnes or Tresco.




Bryher (2 seats)


St Agnes (2 seats)


St Mary’s (13 seats)


St Martin’s (2 seats)


Tresco (2 seats)

  • Robert Dorrien Smith
  • Mike Nelhams


4 Responses to Election 2013: Ask The Candidates

  1. Having read Adam Morton’s response, I was very impressed, I’d vote for him if I could.

    I’d like to qualify mine a little.

    What do you feel is the biggest problem facing the islands?
    I happily omitted tourism, transport, waste and the overspend. Because all these things will be sorted out because they have to be. With a little application.

    Re Tourism this will probably be the worst year, with growth from 2014 onwards. Then we can forget about it and become complacent again, until the next downturn in 2021.

    But over the next 20 years and beyond an increasingly aging population, I’m one of them, will be the major problem and one that needs to be continually addressed.

  2. Nobby Nobbs April 30, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    wider interest

  3. Ray and Linda Wornes April 30, 2013 at 10:10 am

    We would like to thank Dudley Mumford for being the only candidate to pose the question in his manifesto, “Do we need a new incinerator?” All candidates should be asking this question now before the Council commits to incineration for the next 3 decades. We regret that the previous Chairman of the General Purposes Cttee., Fred Ticehurst, refused to allow the setting up of a waste sub-cttee. of Councillors to investigate alternative waste strategies. For the first time in 30 years Councillors must discuss the alternative of a major programme of waste reduction, separation and the shipping of recyclables together with approximately 30% residue going to an appropriate landfill site in Cornwall. With the growth of technology in recycling, the Council could then work towards reducing this residue still further with the aim of zero waste going to landfill. There is ample spare capacity on the Gry Maritha for transporting waste to the mainland.

    The recycling option could be achieved with expert advice from other authorities who at present recycle 70% of their waste. The Moorwell incinerator could be used over the next few years as back-up while a transition to the transportation of recyclables is implemented.

    Everyone is aware that the majority of islanders want more recycling and kerbside collection of paper, card and plastic in particular. This will never happen while we are dedicated to using incineration because almost all the recyclables are needed to improve the combustion of wet waste and reduce the consumption of fuel oil.

    St. Mary’s Hall Hotel has shown the way for all hotels, businesses and households towards a greener, cleaner environment for Scilly. Tourism will increasingly depend on this. Sadly the consultation with SLR has been of no use at all because they together with Defra were already committed to installing a new incinerator.

    • Fran Grottick April 30, 2013 at 5:12 pm

      These and other comments highlight the need for more science-based information regarding all waste disposal options.

      Armed with that information and up-to-date costings the new Council will be in a better position to engage with the community in meaningful dialogue as to the best way forward.

      This problem needs and deserves urgent action.