Cornwall Labour Party Proposes Sharing Chief Exec With Scilly

town hall windows signThe islands’ Council will be asked whether they want to share a Chief Executive with Cornwall’s local authority, if the Labour Party take control of the mainland Council in this week’s election.

The group has proposed a cost saving measure of combining the Chief Executive roles in the two areas but the Councils would retain their independence. And, as part of their plans, the most senior employee won’t be paid more than 20 times that of the lowest paid Council worker.

Labour Chairman for Cornwall and former Cornish MP, Candy Atherton, says she’s always been surprised by what she feels is an unusually large top tier of management on the islands.

And she says as all authorities are being asked to make cuts and it’s only right to look for new ideas and think outside the box. The situation with the Chief Exec roles in both authorities represents an excellent opportunity to discuss some form of cooperation.

The party say they accept that they’d have no direct control over our Council and would have to seek agreement with members here to progress their proposal. Candy says it wouldn’t be a takeover of Scilly’s authority and if islanders didn’t want it, it wouldn’t happen.

She says it’s simply a way of both sides looking to see if they could save money and an area that they felt was worth exploring.

Labour say that if they controlled Cornwall they would also demand that the fare equalisation stabiliser, used in the Scottish islands, is applied to communication links with Scilly. They say that the islands must not become a paradise for rich people alone.

Candy says Scilly and Cornwall share a lot and there could be savings made, which would be mutually beneficially.

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