School Pupils Help Shape New Policy On Uniform

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

Pupils at the Five Islands School have helped shape a new policy on school uniform.

Chair of Governors Ben Julian said the existing uniform policy had some ‘gaps’ and the board wanted to update it.

So the school’s Student Council ran a consultation exercise with pupils about what they wanted to see in the new guidelines and they presented their suggestions back to governors at a meeting earlier this year.

New proposals include wearing black leggings if skirt lengths are above the knee, school cardigans and backpacks.

More controversially, the pupils wanted no restrictions on hairstyles and allowing girls or boys to wear boots.

Ben says the Student Council presented their findings well and argued that they only spend 20% of their time in school so should be allowed to express their personality through their hairstyles.

He says the governors initially had some reservations over their ideas for hairstyles, boots and skirt length, but after some further discussions with school staff are now happy to accept the student’s proposals in principle.

He said the Senior Leadership Team will now draft that into a more detailed policy and bring it back to the board of governors.

Acting Head Teacher Liz Duffy-Griffiths says the updated policy will then be shared with students and parents.