New Out-Of-Hours Medical Number Going Live In Scilly

Isles of Scilly Health Centre

Isles of Scilly Health Centre

Anyone in Scilly needing medical assistance outside normal hours is being urged to ring the Health Centre number rather than St Mary’s Hospital or NHS111.

The change has come about as part of the new Health Centre contract, which starts on 1st June, and the need to meet new ‘out-of-hours’ requirements. Calls will still be answered by a local nurse.

Lead GP at the Health Centre, Dr John Garman, says all calls now need to be recorded so that response times can be monitored.

It wasn’t practical for the technology to be installed at the hospital due to the volume and variety of calls there, he says. That’s why it’s been put in the Health Centre.

The rest of the country is moving to the new NHS111 number for handling all non-emergency calls, but Scilly has special arrangements put in place.

John says securing this more localised service for the islands means the current patient experience will be maintained.

John stresses that patients who dial 111 will still get through to local services, but the response time may take longer because those calls are handled by a call centre in Exeter.

The new number to dial for all residents and visitors is 01720 422628.