Money Being Raised For Victims Of Domestic Abuse

refuge logoIslanders are being asked to support a national charity that raises cash to help victims of domestic violence.

Anna Rickman, who is known to many islanders through her grandparents and former employment at Juliet’s Garden, has returned to Scilly to stay with her grandmother, Helena Wakefield, as she prepares for a 10km charity run in London on May 26th.

She’s fundraising for the charity Refuge, which provides safe houses, counselling and ongoing support for victims.

Anna says she is only now coming to terms with the domestic abuse she has personally suffered and says preparing for the event has helped her with the healing process.

She says a lot of people have come to her after she shared her very personal story and feels there can sometimes be a shame and secrecy about abuse, which means victims don’t reach out for help.

You can learn more about how Anna has come to terms with her experiences and support her fundraising on her website at