Islands’ 41 Club Gets New Chairman

41 club logoThe islands’ 41 Club has a new chairman but he’s not new to the role.

Norman Discombe held the position in the 1970s when the group was formed.

The 41 Club is a national body allied to the Round Table. The exclusively male club was set up in Scilly by John Rowe, who moved from Worcester to the islands and wanted to continue with his Round Table work.

At the time, the islands had a Round Table group and the idea of the 41 Club was that you joined it when you reached 40 years of age. They used to help with fundraising but it’s mainly a social organisation now, with around 25 members.

Norman says his election at a meeting on Friday night was slightly less formal than you may expect from some other organisations. He says the previous chairman simply wanders around the room and has a “chat in the ear” of members who all suggest someone.

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